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Hello Sanctuary Columbus --

It’s been a long time since we have been able to gather together as one body to share our joys and sorrows as a beloved community seeking the transformation of Jesus in our personal lives and our world.

After 15 months apart, Sun., June 13 we will begin to officially regather as a church community.

I want to acknowledge that there is a range of emotions with regards to seeing each other again and seeing new faces who have become a part of SCC. Some people will be excited and feel a sense of normalcy returning to their weekly routines. Others will be cautiously interacting or cautiously disengaging in small group settings.

Everyone must be free to move at their own pace as we regather. 

The reality is, no matter your anticipation or anxiety about regathering for in-person worship, none of us is coming back the same way we left in March 2020. And that is perfectly reasonable based on the global experiences we shared together: the coronavirus, racial injustice, and a polarizing election to name what we have all felt.

What Can You Expect?

Our staff and volunteers have been diligently preparing for our regathering in hopes to make this space highly welcoming and personally inspiring. I’ve been praying over the seats and the people who will occupy them in the Sanctuary as well as the little ones in the classrooms. Oh how I have missed being with our framily!

But just like my family of six has had to relearn practices that help us maintain a sensible rhythm of life, so will our church need to relearn practices that shape our togetherness. I want to bring four spaces to your attention as we plan to regather. 

  • Emotional Space: to grieve our losses and identify our gains. 
  • Relational Space: to reintroduce ourselves to old friends and to make new ones. 
  • Missional Space: to return to serving our church and our surrounding community.
  • Worshipful Space: to practice the presence of God together in one heart and mind.

We’ll be referencing these spaces throughout the summer in the Psalms sermon series as well as other content to support our regathering. Truth be told, I am prayerfully attending to my own needs in these spaces, because I’m not coming back the same either. 

Which of the four spaces are you most excited about in this regathering? Which space do you sense any anxiety about regathering?  As you name these openly, take them to the Lord and consider sharing that with a friend who can support you. We are in this together. 

Grace and Peace,


PS -- Don't forget to register for service June 13, and each week indefinitely. We look forward to worshipping with you!