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Did you know that there are multiple ways to get more involved at Sanctuary?

Here's a list of some out of the ordinary things you could do but that would make a big difference.

  1. Help to organize and email Royal City Kids curriculum for leaders. 
  2. Help set up the church on Sundays. Still needed although we have a permanent space.
  3. Escort first-time parents and kids to their classrooms.
  4. Be a part of a small group that helps our pastor with sermon prep.
  5. Lead a small group of teenagers. Questions and fun provided.
  6. Greet people as they enter the worship space.
  7. Help the Blessing Box Team organize food and supplies that are provided for our neighborhood.
  8. Review handouts and knewsletters for typos. (See what I did there?)
  9. Work from home to prepare craft projects for RCK.
  10. Troubleshoot the computerized kid’s check-in on Sunday mornings. 
  11. Lead our welcome time from the stage on Sunday mornings. 
  12. Help curate audio and video content on the web.
  13. Go through some tech training and work on the tech team.
  14. Take pictures some Sundays and at special events. Phone cameras are perfectly acceptable! 
  15. Provide snacks and drinks for other volunteers.
  16. Pray for the church service during the church service.
  17. Help follow-up with first-time guests and givers. 
  18. Help us keep track of data and spreadsheets.
  19. Rock babies during the church service so parents can go to church.
  20. Help write encouraging notes for Church members. 
  21. Direct cars to the best parking space. Helps to reduce stress going into church. 

Are you uniquely skilled or passionate about any of those things? Do any of these things sound interesting to you? If you want to jump in, let our Director of Operations, Terry Chi, know of your interest. She will connect you to the right person and you can take it from there.


P.S. If you are a teacher or work at a school could you please email me and let us know? My background is in education and I taught in the classroom for eight years before joining a church staff full-time. I've got a special place in my heart for you.