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It's Black History Month, and here at Sanctuary, we celebrate Black History all year, and believe history not only happened in the past, but history is happening now! We're highlighting Columbus people, businesses and more this month to celebrate past and current Black History makers.

Who was James Preston Poindexter?

James Preston Poindexter (October 26, 1819 – February 7, 1907) was an abolitionist, civil rights activist, politician, and baptist minister from Columbus, Ohio. He was a part of abolitionist and Underground Railroad societies and became the pastor of the historic Second Baptist Church in 1862. From the pulpit, he preached against slavery and for African American rights.

After the American Civil War (1861–1865), he was involved in political activities in Columbus, serving on the City Council, the city Board of Education, the state Forestry Bureau, and as trustee of the Institute for the Blind and of Wilberforce University.

Sanctuary Columbus Church James Preston Poindexter Scholarship Fund

Sanctuary seeks to reduce the opportunity gap that exists in Columbus by providing a college scholarship award to Linden McKinley graduates intending to attend an HBCU. Our desire is to add other CCS high schools in relationship with Sanctuary through local partnerships, such as Northland and Mifflin High Schools. 

It is our honor to name this scholarship fund after James Preston Poindexter because of his commitment to the future education of Black children and his proclamation of the kingdom of God to come in truth and grace.

Exciting Financial Report

In Spring of 2021, just over $100K was raised toward this fund, allowing for the creation of the scholarship fund through the Columbus Foundation and serves as a base to keep the fund sustainable for many years to come. Last fall, our goal was to raise an additional $10,000 by giving Tues., Nov. 30. To date, we have raised a total of $118K!  

We plan to invite another round of giving each year to refresh the funds given to scholarship award winners. 

How can You Get Involved?

Please join us in praying for the future scholarship award winners and giving generously as you are able, and inviting others to participate.