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Dear Sanctuary Framily,

The Elder Board has been presented with a new elder candidate, Gretchen Greenawalt. You likely know (or have seen) Gretchen, a devoted member and leader here at Sanctuary. We're pleased with this nomination, and now begins a period of two weeks for review by the congregation before approval. 

What's Next?
On May 9, members of the church will receive communication to record their vote for this elder candidate. In the meantime, please email any questions or comments to me, by replying to this email, or call me at 317-400-0163. If you prefer to contact someone other than me, then please reach out to Pastor Rich.

Thank you so much, 
Y'Nesha Schaffer
Board Chair | Sanctuary Columbus Church



Gretchen Greenawalt desires to seek shalom in her inner life, in her relationships, in her community and in the world. She believes that the greatest hope for "the way it was meant to be" world comes through churches living out a life of faith in Jesus.

Family: Gretchen said Yes to marrying Danny when he used the analogy of an adventure together - crossing streams, hiking mountains, traversing valleys. Marriage of 12 years has been a gift. She is the mother to three children who are daily full of creativity, wonder and joy. They live and love in Clintonville.

Enjoys: Examen, the Gospel of Mark, prayer walks, skiing on lakes and down mountains, ultimate frisbee, children’s books, fireplaces, friends, fellowship, wine, and charcuterie boards, peanut butter and chocolate (apart and together), local produce, changing seasons, cardio and weight classes, meal trains, writing notes, climbing mountains, seeking shalom.

Education: Gretchen's education background includes:
  • Elementary and Early Childhood Education, Bucknell University
  • Gateway Urban Program, Philadelphia, PA
  • Teach for America, Philadelphia, PA
Service: Gretchen and Danny are SCC Covenant Partners. She has served our church in many capacities, including as a Community Group leader with Danny, for 6 years; the Rethinking Incarceration champion at Sanctuary, 2019; RCK Nursery volunteer, 2014-2020; RTNI tutoring volunteer, 2019; Abbey Lane tutoring volunteer 2016-2018; and Dismantling Racism group leader 2020.

We are grateful for Gretchen's dedication to the Sanctuary Framily, and we look forward to hearing from you on her candidacy. Thank you for praying with us for the leadership of our church!