Sanctuary Columbus is a multi-ethnic church, transformed by Jesus and united in service

Sanctuary started in the heart of our lead pastor, Rich Johnson. God gave him a vision for an intentionally multiethnic church in Columbus, Ohio because fewer than 2% of churches in the city are diverse. Weekly worship began February 2011 and we have become one of the most ethnically and culturally diverse churches in the city.

Within our diversity comes natural differences. Our reliance on the Holy Scriptures and the teachings of Jesus is what binds us together, while talking and walking out the differences that attempt to pull us apart. This important work of ‘walking it out’ isn’t always easy or comfortable. But it is the life-affirming work of reconciliation to which we are called; the restoring of our relations – first with God, and then with our neighbor. 

With Jesus as our model and the Holy Spirit as our guide, we are called in these trying times to pursue the pure heart of God. We aim to speak with compassion, serve with kindness, build bridges that unite us, and love extravagantly.  This is the pathway of reconciliation and this is how God works through us so His righteous justice prevails.