Sanctuary seeks to reduce the opportunity gap that exists in Columbus by providing a college scholarship award to Linden McKinley graduates intending to attend a HBCU. Our desire is to add other CCS high schools in relationship with Sanctuary through local partnership, such as Northland and Mifflin High Schools. 

James Preston Poindexter (October 26, 1819 – February 7, 1907) was an abolitionist, civil rights activist, politician, and baptist minister from Columbus, Ohio. He was a part of abolitionist and Underground Railroad societies and became the pastor of the historic 2nd Baptist Church in 1862. From the pulpit, he preached against slavery and for African American rights. After the American Civil War (1861–1865), he was involved in political activities in Columbus, serving on the City Council, the city Board of Education, the state Forestry Bureau, and as trustee of the Institute for the Blind and of Wilberforce University.

It is our honor to name this scholarship fund after James Preston Poindexter because of his commitment to the future education of black children and his proclamation of the kingdom of God to come in truth and grace. 

Gifts are given directly to the Columbus Foundation.


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Here are some answers to common questions.

A high school graduate student of color from Linden McKinley or Mifflin high school headed to a HBCU.  In a future year, it’s possible that we could extend to additional Columbus high schools.  Selection criteria will prioritize financial need, academic potential, community service or past employment, extra curricular activities, or special circumstances (ie. first generation college student).

Sanctuary Columbus has partnered with the Columbus Foundation to process our donations received, identify recipients of the scholarship, and send the financial reward to the appropriate institution. More information below. 

The Columbus Foundation requires a committee of 3-5 people. Sanctuary members can hold 2 of 5 seats on a selection committee. Other seats would be filled with people from the target high school(s) or the 43204 and 43224 neighborhoods. 

Our hearts are beating to see the end of all financial disparity caused by the narrative of racial difference and the history of discrimination against people of color in the United States.  While the educational opportunity gap stood out to us as a compelling place to start, we hope to start and partner with existing initiatives that seek to dismantle racism that exists in employment, wealth, housing, etc.

The first scholarship will be given to a 2022 high school graduate. The student can apply every year. The hope is that this will expand so that multiple students can receive assistance in the same year. We are taking this year to raise funds. 

We have successfully raised $106,000 and we will begin giving scholarships in the spring 2022.  We hope to raise an additional $200,000 over the next three years to expand the number of recipients of the fund. We plan to give 5 new $5000 scholarship awards each year to a Columbus based graduating student.  The gift will not be automatically renewable, but students already receiving the scholarship award can reapply each year they are in college.